Keepda Digital Life keep digital transformation under human control

Digitalization is dead. Long live the digitalization.

There is a continuing trend in the direction of process digitalization. And everybody wants to be part of it. Large industrial companies, global retail groups, even the bakery round the corner – they all seek their fortunes in a world full of ones and zeros. But at the end of the day we are still living in a world that is dominated by humans. Therefore, the real challenge is the transformation of human behaviors into digital processes and not just technical or bureaucratic operations.

Another approach to digital transformation

What IT systems do already exist? What kinds of data will be involved? Do we need an App? Digitalization projects often start out from a technical view. But how do the different stakeholders interact? What are their expectations of the digitalization project? What concerns do they have about its objective? These are some of the questions we will be looking at together with our clients before it comes to digital transformation. On this basis we work with the client’s specialists to develop a solution individually tailored to the company’s business processes.

From theory into practice

We are not just consultants. We are Computer nerds. Web-Programmers. App-Designers. Platform architects. IT specialists. Marketing & Communication professionals. One part of our strength is a very well functioning network of experts with wide experience and competence within different knowledge areas.

Introducing: The keepda engine!

Being digital means being more human. No matter how simple the principle behind this philosophy may be – in some cases it requires new technological solutions. That’s why we invest a lot of time and knowledge in finding and developing these solutions. Like the keepda engine. An intelligent and semantically acting engine, in which digital bilateral or multilateral relations as well as the exchange of digital objects can be realized and controlled. A perfect basis for example for digitalization projects involving sharing, collaboration, interaction or communication activities.

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